Friday, December 11, 2009

PLE #14

I completed all required assignments

Internet Safety Reflection

What article did you choose to read for your article of choice?
Opposing Evil
What experiences have you had at home with the balance between protecting and providing when it comes to technology use?
I think most of these issues in my home have come from internet browsing. Its hard to know where to draw the line, especially with social networking sites. Some sites are breeding grounds for predators, and others are seemingly harmless. However, sites can go from one extreme to the other without careful consideration.
What ideas do you have for learning to preside, provide, protect, and nurture when it comes to technology in your own home?
I believe internet usage should have constant supervision. Another good idea is to have a filter that blocks certain matierials or sites. Passwords should be set on all electronics that allow it.
Describe the video resources you watched?
I watched a few videos about cyber bullying, some that talked about how to avoid it, what it is, real stories of people who have participated in it, and things like that. I watched another video about a girl who met a murderer in a chat room and then met him in real life.

Write a paragraph or more describing the details of your "doing" experience
I chose to work with my husband to discuss the risks of internet chatting, specifically with children. He didn't knwo much about the topic, other than what he had seen or heard in the news. I shared with him the information I learned through watching the video about internet predators, and he was pretty shocked. He couldnt understand why parents would allow their child free access to the internet and not monitor it. He also couldnt understand why the child wasn't educated on the dangers. I think my husband will be more likey to protect our children from these dangers now that he knows the risks involved.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Technology Observations

I noticed that the students of foothill elementary are very lucky to have vast selection of technology at their fingertips. Every class goes to the computer lab at least once a week which gives even the youngest grades experience with technology that they may not have at home. Although there didn't seem to be many classrooms with computers in them, this lab access makes up for it. I thought it was great that there is a storage room with science technology that can be checked out through the media center.

I completed #1 and #2.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Science Challege- Exploring the Different Terrains of Utah

This is different from my plans to use Stellarium, because after 2 hours of trying to figure out a glitch on the program, I gave up and created a new project on Utah 4th grade science standard 5 objectives 1-3.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Science Lesson Plan

6th Grade Standard- Moon Changes and Orbits.

My challenge will be focusing on the changes in the moon and what the appearance of the moon looks like when these changes take place.

Student will observe and analyze changes in the moon which are called phases. This will help the student be able to identify the eight different phases of the moon and what the moon looks like in each phase.

I will be using Stellarium. This is a program that allows one to
look at the night sky from anywhere on the earth at any time. This will enable the students to be able to see the moon in each of the different phases.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Week 6 Wrap up!

I viewed the following Projects:
America's Music History Completed
Lit trip Through Pride and Prejudice
Major Volcanoes

There are so many upsides to implementing a google earth tour in a classroom. It is extremely interactive, which encourages a higher level of thinking on the students part. Using actual images that students can explore gives them the opportunity to really get connected to the subject matter. It gives students the rare chance to visit places they may never get the chance to actually visit. The downside of using google earth is how complicated and time consuming it can be to create these projects.